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Academic and Scientific Publishing ( is covering all kinds of subjects/topics such as General Science, Engineering Science, Science and Technology, Environment and Earth Science, Computer Science, Computer Science & Technology, Accounting, Aerospace Engineering, Agriculture And Related Sciences, Archaeology, Architecture, Building, And Planning, Art And Design, Biological Sciences, Business, Management, And Administrative Studies, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Classical Studies, Creative Arts, Educational Research, Dentistry, Vision, Electrical And Electronic Engineering, Education, Electrical And Electronic Engineering, Engineering And Technology, English, Law, Film, Cinematics, And Photography, Finance, Game Design, Geography, Geology, Historical And Philosophical Studies, Hospitality, Leisure, And Tourism, Journalism, Languages, Mathematical Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Media Studies, Medicine And Allied Subjects, Molecular Biology, Biophysics, And Biochemistry, Music, Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Pharmacology, Toxicology, And Pharmacy, Physical Sciences, Physiology, Physiotherapy, And Pathology, Publishing, Media, And Information Management, Radiography And Medical Technology, Social Studies, Social Work, Software Engineering, Sport, Teaching, Theology, Veterinary Science, Zoology, Business and Management, Accounting & Marketing, Agriculture, Agricultural Science & Technology, Medical Science, Medical Science & Technology, and Public Health, Energy and Power, Arts, Philosophy, Social Science, Phycology, Psychology, Political Science, Arts & Humanities, Building & Planning, Business & Management, Computing and IT, Design, Education, Childhood & Youth, Engineering, Environment & Development, Health & Social Care, Health & Wellbeing, Languages, Mathematics & Statistics, Nursing &Healthcare Practice, Psychology & Counselling, Advanced Mathematics and Physics, Advanced Calculus, Entomology, Aquatic Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Cell Biology and Genetics, Applied Chemistry, Computation Techniques in the Materials Sciences, Ecohydrology and Climate Change, Forensic Science, General Microbiology, Histology, Marine Science, Forestry, Surface Science, Wildlife Ecology, Electromagnetic Science, Textile Science, Optics Science, Polymer Chemistry Biological Sciences, Agricultural Chemistry, Hazard and Disaster Management, Soil Science, Catalyst, Chemical Science, Thermodynamics, Microscopy and Cytometry, Molecular Catalysis, Cell and Animal Biology, Life Sciences, Biodiversity and Conservation, Advanced Analysis, Fisheries, Botany, Polymer Science, Marine Geosciences, Pharmacy, Mineral Science, Nanoscience, Anthropology, Operations Research, Biosecurity, Nuclear Science, Transfusion Science, Physics, Palaeobotany and Palynology, Robotic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Energy Economics, Waste Management, Environmental Science & Technology, Geography & Natural Disasters, Water, Web Engineering, Informetrics, Wireless Networks and Communications, Geographic Information System, Information Science & Technology, Software Engineering, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics , Finance and Management, Foreign Trade and Policy, Hospitality Administration and Management, Plant Genetics, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Agriculture and Soil Science, Plant Sciences, HIV & AIDS, Oncology, Medicinal Plant, Cancer & Tumor, Herbal Medicine,Hematology, Sports Science, English and Literature, Geography, Religion, History and Culture, Public Relations, Scientific Research and Essays, Leadership, Educational Leadership and Management,and etc. is an open-access publisher, and we are inviting you to submit your valuable research work in your preferred journal. Academic and Scientific Publishing is the main aim is to publish an e-book, full-length research articles, review articles, case stories, short communication, thesis papers, and more.

Our main aim is to publish articles every month. Academic and Scientific Publishing serves standard quality publications for all authors and readers. All authors and readers can copy or download articles from for free.



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