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International Journal of Civil Engineering Science


Dr. Miklas Scholz, Professor, Civil Engineering Research Centre, School of Computing, Science and Engineering, The University of Salford, UK
E-mail: M.Scholz@ed.ac.uk

Dr. Yee-wen Yen, Assiociate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University of Scienceand Technology, Taiwan
E-mail: ywyen@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Dr. Jalal Akbari, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Malayer University, Malayer, Iran
E-mail: akbari@malayeru.ac.ir

Dr. Raja Rizwan Hussain, Asst. Professor, CoE-CRT, Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
E-mail: raja386@hotmail.com

Dr. Xiao-Li Yang, Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Central South University, China
E-mail: csuyang@yahoo.com.cn

Dr. Hao Luo, Research Scientist II, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
E-mail: hluo33@mail.gatech.edu

Dr. Wen-Pei Sung, Distinguished Professor, Dean, Integrated Research Center for Green Living Technologies, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan
E-mail: wps@ncut.edu.tw; drwpsung@gmail.com

Dr. Evangelos J. Sapountzakis, Professor of Structural Analysis, Institute of Structural Analysis and Antiseismic Research, School of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, GREECE
E-mail: cvsapoun@central.ntua.gr

Dr. Cristina Gentilini, Assistant Professor of Structural Mechanics Department of Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering, DICAM - University of Bologna, Italy
E-mail: cristina.gentilini@unibo.it

Dr. Yuri Ribakov, Professor, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, Ariel University, Israel
E-mail: ribakov@ariel.ac.il

Dr. Ming-Hsiang Shih, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
E-mail: iloveaachen@gmail.com

Dr. George C. Manos, Professor, Director of Lab. of Strength of Materials and Structures, Dpt. of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
E-mail: gcmanos@civil.auth.gr

Dr. Hong Yuan, Department of Mechanics and Civil Engineering, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Jinan University, China
E-mail: tyuanhong@jnu.edu.cn

Dr. Triantafyllos K. Makarios, Civil Engineer, Senior Researcher, Earthquake Engineering Division, Institute of Engineering Seismology & Earthquake Engineering, Greece
E-mail: makariostr@ath.forthnet.gr; makarios@itsak.gr

Dr. Babak Ebrahimian, Head of Department and Engineering Manager, Department of Infrastructure and Offshore Geotechnics, Petroleum Industry Research Engineering Company (PIRE Co.), Engineering and Management Consultant
E-mail: bebrahimian@ut.ac.ir

Dr. Giuseppe VAIRO, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Science, University of Rome “Tor Vergata" - Italy
E-mail: vairo@ing.uniroma2.it

Dr. Raja Rizwan Hussain, Asst. Professor, Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
E-mail: raja386@hotmail.com

Dr. Şeref Doğuşcan Akbaş, Research Assistant, Department of Civil Engineering, Yıldız Technical University, Turkey
E-mail: serefda@yahoo.com








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