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International Journal of Diabetes Research and Endocrinology


Dr. Nick Bellissimo, Faculty of Community Services, School of Nutrition, Ryerson University, Canada
E-mail: nick.bellissimo@gmail.com

Dr. Mohamed EDDOUKS, Professor, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco
E-mail: mohamed.eddouks@laposte.net

Dr. Lenin Mahimainathan, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, USA
E-mail: lenin.mahimainathan@ttuhsc.edu

Dr. Kavithalakshmi Sataranatarajan, Div of Nephrology/Dept of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center, USA
E-mail: sataraNatara@uthscsa.edu

Dr. Yuchang Fu, Associate Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
E-mail: yfu@uab.edu

Dr. Farid MENAA, Professor, Fluorotronics, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
E-mail: dr.fmenaa@gmail.com

Dr. Weizhen Zhang, Research Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, the University of Michigan Medical Center, MI, USA
E-mail: weizhenz@umich.edu

Dr. Anil K. Mandal, Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Florida, USA
E-mail: amandal@med-spec.com

Dr. I. P. Tripathi, Professor, Faculty of Science & Environment, M.G.C.G.V., India
E-mail. tripathi.ip@gmail.com

Dr. Akbar Nikkhah, Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, The University of Zanjan, Iran
E-mail: anikkha@yahoo.com




















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