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International Journal of Quantum Mechanics Research


Dr. S.CHITRA, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, K.S.R. College of Engineering, India
E-mail: chitchem@rediffmail.com

Dr. Khalil KASSMI, Professor, Faculty of the Sciences, Department of Physics, Mohamed Premier University, Morocco
E-mail: khkassmi@yahoo.fr

Dr. Shahryar Sorooshian, Senior lecturer, Faculty of Technology, University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Malaysia
E-mail: sorooshian@gmail.com

Dr. Alekha Kumar Sutar, PG Department of Chemistry, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack-753 003, Odisha, India
E-mail: dralekhasutar@gmail.com

Dr. Mohamed Amr, Professor of Atomic Physics, Qatar University, Qatar
E-mail: Amrewis@qu.edu.qa






























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