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Open Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


Dr. A. W. Jayawardena, Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, CHINA
E-mail: hrecjaw@hkucc.hku.hk

Dr. Bahaa Khalil, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Bioresource Engineering, FAES, Canada,
E-mail: bahaa.khalil@mail.mcgill.ca

Dr. Raed Bashitialshaaer, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, SWEDEN
E-mail: ralshaaer@hotmail.com

Adjunct Professor Raquel Jahara Lobosco, Federal Technological University of Paraná, Chemistry Engineering Department, Francisco Beltrão, Brazil,
E-mail: rlobosco@utfpr.edu.br






























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